Thursday, July 9, 2015

Moral Stand, Genghis Khan and the Death of 40 Million (Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia)

Mongolia celebrates the life and times of their national hero at any chance they get. Airports, food and beverages, hotels, grocery stores, travel agencies, even art works are named or dedicated after him. But Genghis Khan, conqueror of nations, is attributed the massacre of 1,748,000 people - all in a single hour! In one biography, the leader of the Mongol Empire was said to be responsible for the death of 40 million people.

Meanwhile, at the Museum of Natural History, located beside Sukhbaatar, in the capital of Ulaan Baatar, you'll find this moralistic stand against the death penalty - on display at the museum's entrance. You can't miss it. While I understand that times have indeed changed since Khan's reign of terror, the stark contrast between the national hero's conquest and modern Mongolia's stand against the death penalty is all too obvious.

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