Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tops Lookout - Elevations, Cool Breeze and Introspection (Cebu City)

Tops. There is an "s" there. It's a lookout point boasting views spanning most of Cebu City, Mactan Island and even as far as the peaks of Bohol. It's a bit out of the way but considering that it's still part of Cebu City, in Barangay Busay to be exact, it isn't really as out-there as, say Lapu Lapu Shrine. It takes some 30 minutes from the city proper, and you'd have to shake hand with a taxi driver to take you there and back because there aren't regular vehicles plying that route. A word of caution: the last 100 meter ascent will test your vehicle so make sure you get a new taxi, the bigger ones the better.

Situated 2,500 feet above sea level, the place provides breezy, breathtaking views of metropolitan Cebu and beyond. Families and tour groups hop in for an hour or so, but other than gawk at the view, there's nothing much to do really. This is a great place to take stock and gather your thoughts.

There are of course refreshments being sold by little shops, as well as souvenir items. You can wait for sunset, though the place is not exactly in its ideal orientation.

When night time falls, the place teems with lovers sharing the cool winds of this Osmena leisure sanctuary. The place is open from 9AM to 12 midnight daily, and there's an entrance fee of PhP100.

Eons ago, I left my camera on one of the benches. In the middle of dinner with a group, I realized, and went there alone - on a taxi. Looking back, it was a brave thing to do. Yes, I got my camera back, but the place, you see, is remote. So going there alone at 9PM on a taxi was an adventure. Getting to Tops isn't like hopping on the park next door. I do have interesting memories from Tops. And you can have yours as well.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

This restaurant here serves delectable cakes and coffee.

Fiery sun sets at the Tops skies.


Sherry Ellis said...

I like the hexagon figures in the pavement. It looks very artsy.

eye in the sky said...

And the way grass growing between those slabs... :)

Twin said...

Tops is a very romantic place at night. Love the cold breeze.

eye in the sky said...

It's a place that in due course of time became a place for lovers. :)

Unknown said...

Hi.Thanks for this article. 😊 Is it safe to go there and ride a habal habal alone?

eye in the sky said...


It's a safe place mostly. There's a ticket booth guard anytime before 5PM. But if you're on your own, it's best to visit before sundown. The sunset is lovely at Tops. :)

Unknown said...

Ive been there way back 1998 ....... a memorable place