Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Spa in Anantara (Maldives Diaries)

Evoking freedom and harmony, the term "Anantara" means "without end", and this resort chain is found in the most exotic places in the world - Melia, Tanzania; the Desert Islands of Dubai; Jordan. In the Maldives, it's one of the prized resort islands to visit, sitting placidly in the remote sites of the Indian Ocean. It is pricey, but luxury comes with a prize.

I wanted to check out one of their spas, located at the northeastern portion of the island, a few minute walk from their infinity pool. I was welcomed by a gracious Thai girl who ushered me in.

Glass cabins at either side of the main cabins are for traditional massage while the more homey, more intimate ones could be had at any of their rooms. These boast of glass-bottom floors that, while having your kneading done, you could gaze at the schools of sea creatures swimming under water.

There's a bathtub beside a glass window that overlooks the sea. If you'd prefer a relaxing time introspecting on life and the realities back home, this is the place to be.

There are several other spas in every island of Anantara. The one being featured here is located in the main island called Dhigu.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

The pontton from Dhigu where free rides could be had en route to Veli, the honeymoon island.

The water cottages of Veli as seen from Dhigu's spa.


Ramakrishnan said...

The fountain head of luxury and leisure !

Ola said...

It looks like paradise! This has always been my dream to spend my holidays in such an object!

eye in the sky said...

It is, Ram. :)

eye in the sky said...

It's dreamy in every sense, Ola. :)