Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart - Escario's Sanctuary of the Faithful in Cebu City

It's not some tourist attraction, that's for sure, but something about this church, located along Escario, caught my attention - a graceful tower with statues of the Virgin Mary and Child Jesus. This church is Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish, inaugurated on June 2, 1996. It has a low ceiling inside, with walls decorated with stained glass art.

The church is known for beautifully rendered homilies. Being very central, you'd think that they easily fill, right? However, if you read through some online threads, 7 AM masses are recommended because seats are guaranteed.

Outside, you'll find the Don Sulpicio Go-Ayala Land Parish Center and a basketball court/gymnasium. There's ample parking space in the compound and a couple of tindahans (store) just beside Escario. One more thing, which other church do you see a security guard manning the perimeter? Not even Manila Cathedral employs guards. It makes you think.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

For more information and inquiries, please do not inquire here. Call (63-32) 255-8516.


Masses are held Monday to Thursdays: 5:45 AM (Cebuano), 6:30 (English), 7:15 AM (Special Masses), 12:15 PM (English), 5:30 PM (English - Anticipated Masses), 6:15 PM (Cebuano)

On Sundays, masses are held at these times: 5:30 AM (Cebuano), 7 AM (English), 9 AM (Cebuano), 11 AM (English), 11:45 AM (Special Masses), 3 PM (Cebuano), 4 PM (English), 5:30 PM (Cebuano), 7 PM (English)

Gymnasium/Court and Parish Center

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