Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Paradise Point's Park Grounds and the Perfect Fish and Chips - Queensland Visits

From Mount Tamborine, we headed towards the coast, crossing bridges until we reached Paradise Point. These Australians know how to pick out names. Of course I was waiting to be swept off my feet, but the suburb by the waters was more austere than its descriptive name.

Lying on the northern end of the Broadwater, with the Coomera River flowing lackadaisically, the suburb was breezy in the evening. Beautifully lit trees stood like proud taxonomic specimen.

Nearby were bridges linking Paradise Point to Sovereign Island's posh mansions and Ephraim Island's condo dwellings. Paradise Point is likewise an upscale residential suburb, although the surrounding park fronting the esplanade doesn't seem to indicate this.

We were there for dinner - and "Fish in the Park" was our shop of destination. I'm sure it was my request. I have missed England's Fish and Chips. We each had one, peppered with rock salt. London would spice their fish and chips with salt and vinegar, not rock salt aka "halite", the mineral form of sodium chloride or table salt. Why we're partaking mineral salt on our food is beyond me, but it sure added "zing" to our battered cod. And the serving of chips could feed a community in Burkina Faso.

The Esplanade is a row of shops with very few customers at sun down. Either that or we visited on the wrong night. Right across the shops is a nondescript park with lit trees, barbecue spots and picnic areas. That night, there was chill as though winter beckoned. But, in mid-November, summer was upon Australia.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Fish in the Park for that mouth watering Fish and Chips.

Fish and chips, lemon and a dash of rock salt at $13.50. That's PhP560 without the drink! Australia isn't cheap.

The Esplanade

The jetty . At the background is Ephraim island's residences.

The bridge to Ephraim Island.

They light their trees when many major roads aren't even lit in Manila. Go figure.

The jetty overlooking Sovereign Island (left) and Ephraim Island (right). This photo only care of Gert Stobbe's flickr.

The electric fan in my room. This design is seldom found in the Philippines. I think I've recently seen one in Cebu.


Ramakrishnan Ramanathan said...

Paradise found :) The illuminated trees look enchanting. The fish,chips,lemon & salt looks so inviting.

eye in the sky said...

Ram, I have to say I loved their fish and chips. :)