Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mount Tamborine's Cool Scenic Rim - Queensland Visits

It was past 4 PM when we finally decided to get to Mount Tamborine, a quaint suburb of the Gold Coast Hinterland located 55 kilometers northwest from Burleigh Heads. The sun was starting to set and we were worried we wouldn't find anything open by the time we get there. But we braved it anyway. With an elevation of 1722.50 feet (525 meters) and a population of just under 1,200 in the heart of a 28 square kilometer plateau, I had an idea what to expect. Cool winds, rich foliage of pines and flowers, and vacation chalets on scenic drives. Winding roads and dense forest characterize the area. It's the perfect drive to listen music to. Less than an hour later, we were there.

True enough, many of the shops along Gallery Walk, the so-called "center of town", were closed and those still open were largely deserted. The activities around here center on the town's industry: wineries, vineyards, chocolate and candy production, dining and tourism.

I saw a shop selling "fudge", but I wasn't sure if this was the fudge that I know. In fact, there was a schedule for "fudging" pasted near a sidewalk. Farm visits could be arranged, but it was too late for one so we just took a walk by the roadside, checking out shops and restaurants.

With its cool climate, this should be a favorite retreat for sun-drenched Queenslanders. One of the shops that caught my attention was aptly named "Bygone Days" selling bric-a-brac and souvenir items. How poetic can you get. I half expected a shop selling tamborine, that percussion instrument with jingling bells, but the county's name wasn't derived from anything musical. It was aboriginal in origin. Another interesting find was a shop selling clocks - cuckoo and grandfather clocks, to be specific. There's a Glow-worm Cave nearby, but this necessitated a walk on a rain-forest. While the idea was inviting, we were out of time and it was late.

Flowers were abloom, but there was this familiar purplish flower dropping down from Jacaranda trees and found all over the county. With its sea of purples embracing the lanes, it was almost like stepping into a fairy tale scene. There wasn't much to do at the close of day so we decided to leave.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

The road to Mount Tamborine

White picket fences and a wooden postal box constitute Australian "country".

Bygone Days

Mount Tamborine Vineyard and Winery (above and below).

Idyllic Vallard House in the heart of town. It's an art gallery, not a guesthouse as I originally thought.

Jacaranda tree and its purple flowers light the dimly lit skies.

Five-lobed blue corolla from a Jacaranda tree which seems endemic in Mount Tamborine. 

German Cuckoo Clock Nest (above and below)

A gorgeous postal box


There's a cafe somewhere.

Whispers, a house of fashion.

Beware! You can only fudge during these times! ;)

This sign post gives you a clue how to spend a day in Mount Tamborine.

Chocolates and wines. What a combination.

A cup of coffee for $2.90 (P119).

Nel's On the Walk, a toy store and souvenir shop.

Chameleon Glass Art

Site map of Tamborine Mountain from the eastern coastline.

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