Sunday, January 10, 2010

More of KLCC Park - An Oasis Around the Petronas Twin Towers

Here is more of the 50-acre tropical landscape that's the KLCC Park. In this post, we focus on the bodies of water that provide a soothing atmosphere to calm the urban soul. There are no ambulant vendors selling food, water or drinks in the park so bring your own beverages. The whole area is well maintained and very clean. A hobgoblin of a lady guard hovers at the children's wading pool. I got whistled at twice for infarctions I was not aware of. The place gets dark after 8 PM so take the necessary precautions. Having said that, KL feels like a very safe place for "roamers".

Children's wading pool.

Being a Muslim country, public baths like this require full garments. Notice the toddlers and young students bathing with their uniforms on (school shirts and pants)! Even an adult lady was wearing her head veil. I am not so sure how hygienic - and tedious - this practice is, but hey, this is their country.

The hobgoblin whistles her way to orgasm! ;->

This is the Eye in the Sky!

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