Wednesday, August 20, 2014

RandomThoughts on an Evening in Bacolod City

Bacolod City. It rained the whole night. Puddles were a dime a dozen on the uneven pavements of the city, like pieces of concrete puzzles strung together. I just came out of a late movie in SM and found Andok's on my way back to my hotel. I ordered the sour-flavored Lucban longganisa. Who does that in Bacolod?

After my late dinner, I leisurely strolled towards Gatuslao Street, the road facing the city park where many multicabs ply the Bago route. San Sebastian Church looked glorious at night. Its baroque architecture was a balm to my weary soul. Built in 1876, San Sebastian is one of Bacolod's must-see sites. After all, not a lot of coral-stone churches stay as grand or structurally formidable.

I saw a dining plaza, Terra Plaza Food Court (photo below) , filled with people at past 11 PM, just before turning to Calle Nueva where my hotel is, the Suites at Calle Nueva. Reviews seem to suggest that a great number of locals don't know where this hotel is, but so far, I've met 3 people who all knew where it is, including my shuttle ride from the airport. The hotel's name suggests South American courtyards, as those seen in Peru. The entrance may mislead you due to it's limited lobby/and restaurant, but when you get inside, you'll find a gorgeous receiving room with hanging lanterns and empty hallway. The rooms, spread on two levels, surround this foyer. Very quaint indeed.

I wanted to try a well reviewed hotel in the downtown area. What is a visit if I don't get to familiarize myself with the epicenter of city folks? Honestly, It took me three days to finally decide to make my booking and so far, it isn't something I'd regret when I look back. I've so far tried Avenue Suites at Lacson, and Circle Inn along Lopez Jaena. I keep forgetting that Go Hotel is one that needs checking out. Hmmm. Maybe next time.


Meanwhile, there's a kilo of lanzones waiting on my desk. I bought it earlier today near the Capitol. At 12:30 past midnight, I found 2 pieces of candies waiting on my bed. One has, "You are the best" written on it; the other has "I miss you".

A printed card accompanies them with a quote from Corinthians 13:4-8. Yes, love never fails. Now isn't that sweet? I have never been to a hotel where housekeeping works after 6 PM. The card and candies weren't there when I left at 6 PM so someone must have come in after.

Reviews for The Suites @ Calle Nueva are mostly glowing, generous even, but there's one that's particularly scathing. Thank heavens, that particular negative review prodded me to make the booking. I was curious. Why would 99 people say great things, and 1 couple supposedly well-traveled American couple (who could then give a more objective comparison among all the hotels they've tried in their world travels) spew enough vitriol to say otherwise. Clearly, this wasn't because this hotel "sucks".

Did I tell you that the hotel ranks 2nd among TripAdvisor's compendium of inns and guesthouses in Bacolod City?

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Terra Plaza Food Court


Ramakrishnan said...

Where is Bacolod ? In Mongolia? Looks like a very old ill maintained(from outside)church !

eye in the sky said...

Bacolod City is in the Visayas region, right in the middle of the Philippine archipelago. It's a very religious city. Many of its must-see sites are old. well-preserved churches. Pope John Paul II once visited it.

My posts have been jumping from one place to another. I hope they don't confuse people much.

NRIGirl said...

What a joy coming back to your site, hearing your great travel stories @Eye in the Sky! It is like coming up for air from the depth of despair and finding a long lost friend!!

I am happy I made some time today. Refreshing.

Ooh, the candy and card looks suspicious to me, are you sure it is not from a secret admirer?! :))

Have a blessed day friend! Glad to be in touch.

eye in the sky said...

That's one of the sweetest things I've read. Thank you. I feel lucky that I have "met" good people and acquired friends from this blog, and I hope I can have coffee with you and your family one of these days in New York.

Suspicious card and candy? Haha. I don't think that's the case, but I have to admit, the messages didn't seem apropos. I think the hotel staff just give these random messages to their guests. But thanks for the suggestion. It made me smile.

Have a blessed day too, my friend. It's nice to hear from you again. You haven't been writing in your blog. I know I've visited several times in the past. :)