Sunday, October 27, 2013

Around Cavill Avenue on Surfer's Paradise (Gold Coast, Australia)

Surfer's Paradise, Gold Coast - Checking out the beach was interesting. Most habitues were high school graduates on celebratory mood. There were few adults too. At the mall, the population of teenagers tripled, with school ID's hanging down their necks so you could tell who were Schoolies.

There were several shops to check out, the busiest was along Cavill Avenue that leads to the beach. The "usual suspects" were there: McDonalds, Subway, 7-11, KFC, Pizza Hut and other local franchises. There was even a Hard Rock Cafe near Q1.

It was lunchtime so we headed to MOS Burger at the Esplanade near the coastal strip. MOS, an acronym for "Mountain Ocean Sun", is actually Japan's biggest burger chains, but second only to McDonalds. Their most famous entree is their MOS Rice Burger which uses a bun made of rice mixed with barley and millet (a cereal crop mostly found in India, China and Africa, particularly Nigeria, Mali. Burkina Faso and Uganda).

I ordered "Buta shoga yaki rice" aka ginger pork rice (grilled pork and ginger rice burger, see below) which was delicious. we also ordered a salad and a hotdog. There are several MOS Burger shops all over Brisbane (I think there are 5 presently). Imagine a Japanese food chain that sells burgers instead of ramen or sushi? For a franchise that just opened in the land down under last 2011, that's a considerable commercial growth.

With regards to shops, they feel comparably inferior but that's because I come from a metropolis where malls are a dime a dozen and an essential part of ones lifestyle. After all, Metro Manila is home to almost a quarter of the world's biggest. Here in Cavill, they feel like Ali Mall or Greenhills. I am not exactly a shopping creature so it wasn't the most thrilling of experiences. Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum has a branch at Surfer's Paradise but somehow, I felt like I could appreciate it more by reading a book than on pictographic displays. Adult entry is $23.90 (P982.50). Interestingly, they have rates for backpackers (which is the same for seniors and students) at $19.50 (still a hefty bill at P801.50). How do they implement this? Should I be carrying my backpack to avail of a backpacker's rate? Should I look scruffy and look like I just crawled out of a hole?

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Detail of the sculpture above.

Schoolies are told to wear their ID's so it's easier to spot which ones are high school graduates, and which aren't.

Cavill Avenue heading towards the beach.

KFC here, McDonalds there and a 7-11 somewhere.

Inside Cavill Mall are small shops.

Matey commemorates the canine sent to outer space "to help make safe the pathway to the stars". This was erected in 1957. It also symbolizes the equality among men showing "no distinction to class, colour ot creed."

A quiet corner just across RSL Club.

Had to try MOS Burger's pork burger on a rice bun (see below). MOS Burger is Japan's most famous burger.

Your rice burger comes with french fries.

Delectable salad at MOS Burger.

MOS Burger's hotdog on a bun.

A stretch Hummer.

The Wheel of Surfer's Paradise has become an iconic landmark since it started operations in 2011, but it didn't translate to good business, and soon after incurred losses. Operation was finally stopped last August 2013. The wheel sits at the top of the transit centre (see below).

The Q1

Hard Rock Cafe in Surfer's Paradise at Cavill Avenue corner Surfer's Paradise Boulevard, with the Q1 at the background.
If you need information, you could check out Gold Coast Travellers Lounge. I asked about buses to Brisbane, but of course, the way to get there is through the train.

I loved this building. Check out the curves on that one. Tweet tweet! :)


My Unfinished Life said...

well, they way you have written about MOS, i hope one outlet opens in my city soon!!

eye in the sky said...

And I hope it opens in my city as well. :)

Haddock said...

The temperature must have been soaring here.

eye in the sky said...

It was. I had to use my sunglasses which I very rarely use because I was squinting from the glare. :)