Monday, March 21, 2011

Palace of Culture's Exteriors - Istana Budaya Part 2

The front yard of Istana Budaya is lined by white porches and stairs of ponds and kite-like structures rising from the waters. I knew it had to mean something of local color, but if you were aware that the building itself was designed by local architect Muhammad Kamar Ya'akub taking the "traditional moon kite in flight" as its inspiration, one could easily pick up the reference to these kite-like designs.

The National Art Gallery is located just beside the Istana and is worth a visit.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Traditional moon kites in flight.

Istana Budaya at the floor of the pond.

Istana Bupaya

For information on the architectural design and history of Istana Budaya at our previous post.


Ola said...

original architecture of this place is the first think what I see from the pictures!

eye in the sky said...

So true. :->