Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dodging Skybus and Watching JALANG in KL Malaysia

KL, MALAYSIA - Travel weary, I decided not to use my prepaid Skybus ticket upon reaching KL. Trichy had been a tiring experience: getting up early in the morning, taking an autorickshaw to the airport, enduring the horrible queue as well as the tedious security checks and immigration formalities, etc. I wasn't a happy guy.

After almost 4 hours, I headed towards the Star Shuttle area which will drop me at the Hentian Puduraya area where my hotel would be. Skybus stops at KL Sentral which means I have to transfer to a train, walk 100 meters with my luggage, then upon arrival at Imbi, walk 200 meters along Jalan Pudu. I was simply drained and too tired. Star Shuttle cost me 8 ringgit, and a ridiculous 2 hours and 30 minutes (including waiting for passengers and the city traffic).

Later that night, I decided to relax and watch a movie at Berjaya Times Square. There were several options from the line-up. China's darma version of Disney's "Mulan" for one was interesting, but I wanted local color. There's not a lot of Malaysian films coming to the Philippines. So I ended up watching a horrible digital film called "Jalang" (at 9 PM).

"Jalang" revolves around a femme fatale looking like Philippines' Paw Diaz. Shot in Langkawi, this movie is about Marie who has guys falling under her spell. Most of the time, the lead actress postures like she is tickled pink somewhere under her knickers. She walks around with a knowing glance and sways with wild abandon. That was what constituted her entire performance. Campy ridiculous! Everybody else was ugly - ugly guys, ugly old people, ugly businessmen, and Marie! After an hour of suffering, I stood up from my chair and happily made my exit! Darn! I should have watched 2012 instead.

This is the Eye in the Sky.

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