Friday, June 13, 2008

Serendipity in Phnom Penh?

Just 30 minutes ago, I was taking a walk along the main boulevard of the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. They call it the Sisowath Quay. Darkness has embraced the riverside and the few lights that light the park infront of the spectacular Royal Palace doesn't give enough illumination to the walk beside the Tonle Sap (the "Great River" that joins the Mekong).

I was conscious of the long row of flags lining the riverside. Flags from all over the world, waving on Khmer winds. The whole row must have more than a hundred flags. A blind old busker is beating his drum, singing...chanting a dissonant "song" that seems to come from some distant land. I sat there watching people walk by. Beggars asking for spare change. Tuktuk drivers offering their rides. A tall Khmer woman repeatedly walking past me, singing her own song. She was lost in her own world, insight has obviously escaped her. The wind was blowing against my hair. I decided to sit facing the river. When I looked up beside me, there it was! A hymn running inside my head. Flapping proudly against the Khmer winds, the Philippine flag was standing beside where I was seated. Sniff!

This is the Eye in the Sky!


andiboi said...

tsong man! thanks for adding me to your bloglist, i have yet to tinket with this blog site para magamit ko lahat ng options and perhaps create my own bloglist...
thanks again eye... :-)

eye in the sky said...

your welcome, man!